ASSESSMENT: The treatment process starts with the Assessment, which is used to identify and address a client’s individual treatment needs and to develop personalized care plans that are updated as the client progresses through the stages of treatment.

The intended outcome of the initial assessment is to ascertain the nature and extent of a client’s alcohol and/or drug problem, to establish a diagnosis and to make a determination of an appropriate level of care. The initial assessment is a structured, time limited, face-to-face interview in which data concerning drug use history, mental health history, current mental status, and social/environmental situation is collected via client self-report, data from Urine Drug Screening and when appropriate, collateral information from others. This data is organized and aggregated into six key dimensions for assessment, including:

  • Withdrawal Potential
  • Bio-Medical Conditions
  • Emotional Behavioral Conditions
  • Treatment Acceptance/Resistance
  • Relapse Potential
  • Recovery Environment

Before you reach your Braking Point, put the “Brakes” on your addiction by calling 330-270-2380 to schedule an Intake appointment to begin your recovery journey.

Urinalysis: Urinalysis tests an individual’s urine specimen to determine the presence of alcohol and other drugs. As stated in the policy on Drug Screening, documentation shall reflect that all results of urinalysis testing shall be reviewed by a program staff member and shared with the client.

Acceptance of Other Facility Assessments:
Braking Point Recovery Center will accept an assessment from other certified professional agencies/programs or an assessment that contains comparable elements of assessment required by rule 3793:2-1-08 K (4), that has been completed within ninety (90) days of the admission date of the client.